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ITeam Consulting implement security solutions to protect your business from threats that are not just from hackers. Breaches to your environment are more likely to occur through users being tricked via email or unknowingly accessing compromised infected websites. In today’s high-risk environment IT Security is as much about protecting your Brand as it is about protecting your Business. Customers, Consumers and Governments are demanding a higher level of focus on the protection of Personal Data with Mandatory Data Breach Reporting becoming central to Australian Privacy laws and compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulation. Significant financial penalties can be imposed for failure to adequately protect data not to mention the ability of social media to ensure all your stakeholders find out in real time.

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IT Management Case Study – Cyber Security and Microsoft 365 Upgrade

Client : Telco Industry : Network communications IT Support : Cyber security and Microsoft 365 upgrade The Telco has been operating for over 2 decades building point to point networks specialising microwave radio networks (‘radio links’). Their customers usually save significant money by building and owning the network instead of starting an ongoing lease plan […]