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Protect Your Business’ Data on Portable Devices

Portable devices such as laptops, tablets, and phones are essential for conducting businesses on the go, however they do open up your business to potential cyber security threats. Here’s how you can enhance the security of your business and protect your business’ data on portable devices from malicious malware, viruses, and cyber-attack: Secure Your Wi-Fi […]

Cyber Security Awareness Training to Empower Your Employees

The current surge of cyber security attacks, scams, and breaches is unsettling for businesses and individuals. We have our best technology and the brightest people on the job with increased monitoring and security.  In addition to the core services ITeam Consulting provides, we also deliver security awareness training (SAT) to upskill your team and empower […]

The who, what, where of data breaches

The who, what, where of data breaches Did you know the average data breach costs businesses an estimated $4 million? This figure takes into account hundreds of cost factors from legal, regulatory, and technical activities, loss of brand equity, customer turnover, and drain on employee productivity. Not many businesses could survive that type of financial […]

Phishing: How to Protect Yourself from Fraudulent Messages

What is Phishing? The Australian Cyber Security Centre defines Phishing as “a way that cybercriminals steal confidential information, such as online banking logins, credit card details, business login credentials or passwords/passphrases, by sending fraudulent messages (sometimes called ‘lures’)”. Usually, they do this by sending fraudulent messages pretending to be from a large organisation you trust. […]

Email Security: How to Make It a Priority for Your Business

Email security is more important than ever and should be a top priority for your business. You’ve probably heard of businesses you know with email compromises which end up in bills being paid into hackers accounts. This is called Business Email Compromise.  With the amount of sensitive and confidential information that is exchanged via email […]

Level Up Your Cyber Security and Protect Against Cyber Attacks

  As the threat landscape continues to evolve with new ransomware, file-less malware, and other advanced threats emerging every day, protecting your business against cyber attacks can be hard. Safeguarding your endpoints becomes even more difficult when your security environment consists of multiple, disparate solutions, making it complex to manage.  Iteam Consulting deploys Cisco Secure […]