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IT Project Management

IT Project Management to turn your IT Strategy into reality

ITeam Consulting has more than 20 years experience delivering IT Project Management. Our point of difference is our Solutions Architect, that envisions and designs your solution, will stay in the project team assisting the Project Manager. This ensures total transparency on delivery throughout the process, as opposed to other IT providers who simply make a sale then hand-off to the team that implements it.

In addition, our IT Project Management Framework ensures the successful delivery of an Information Technology solution to your business by working fast, decreasing the number of people on the project team and averting risk while enabling high-quality results. This framework supports multiple process approaches and can be adapted to any project, regardless of size or complexity.

IT Project Management Framework

The following stages will be included as part of the engagement methodology.

it project management planning


Great solution design and planning go hand-in-hand in order to deliver your IT initiative without bumps in the road. We will manage all stages of the project so that it is efficient and minimises the impact to the business.

it project management build computer systems


Built to be fit for purpose with the latest updates so that known limitations are addressed. Each project stage is managed through a work breakdown structure that ensures dependencies are managed and business outcomes are delivered.

it project management testing


Part of our Quality Assurance process requires that the person who built the system is not the only one doing the testing. Unit testing precedes end to end systems testing to ensure an effective and efficient test regime.

it project management deployment


The Deployment phase is where the project touches the production systems or staff working environment and can cause the most stress within a project if not carefully managed in conjunction with your managers or IT champions. Our Change Management process includes a communications plan to keep everyone informed of the schedule with what is happening, changing, improving and as needed to provide training in advance of the deployment.

it project management services handover


One of the many aspects to Project success is a happy client. Our aim is to ensure end-user satisfaction and sign off before we hand-over to the business for formal acceptance of the system. But hand-over is not necessarily just to you. We also perform hand-over internally from the ITeam Project Team to the ITeam Support Team and ensure that all relevant documentation, backups, alerting, and monitoring systems are in place so there are no surprises during the on-going support.