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IT Consulting

Future-Proofing your IT Plan

As the size and nature of your business changes, so will the needs of your IT systems. Our IT Consulting Services will architect solutions whether your systems are on-premise, in a data-centre or in the cloud. Keeping up to date with changes in technology and all the new applications is almost impossible for a small to medium business. Even harder for internal IT or small providers that tend to be fighting fires rather than helping the customer leverage advantage from new tech or apps. ITeam’s Consultants help our clients discover new tools that really have a positive impact on the business.

Architecture > Design >

Spending money on new equipment or software won’t necessarily solve a problem. The architecture of your environment needs to match with the business’ strategic direction. Choosing the right solution is where our Consultants provide high value with their experience making sure we deliver solutions fit for purpose and budget.


Planning on moving to Microsoft Office 365, Azure or Amazon Web Services?  The process for these is quite mature so you will have a seamless and secure path to the cloud, but the key is in the planning to ensure you look good in your business with a successful low impact migration. Change Management is part of the process for a successful project.

Systems Review

Not sure if you are receiving the best advice for your IT initiative?  Our Consultants can validate or provide a second opinion on the proposed solutions you have from your provider or internal IT group. Be prepared to learn about using new apps in Office 365 that you already pay for. If you have concerns, explore them before it is too late.