Why businesses need to implement zero trust security

The reason businesses need to implement a Zero Trust method of cyber security is to create a secure technology environment that protects against unauthorised access to digital data and assets. It removes implicit trust and builds security resilience; that is, the ability to withstand unpredictable threats and emerge stronger. 

What is zero trust?

Zero trust means anything trying to connect to your network or business systems must be verified before being granted access. 

This approach continuously checks and verifies the security posture of users, devices and applications to help prevent network intrusions and limit the impact if an unauthorised entity does gain access.

Businesses need to implement security in a way that their employees can enjoy fast, consistent access to any application no matter where they are or which device they are using.

No matter how necessary they are for the business, employees are unlikely to embrace security measures that make their jobs more cumbersome and time-consuming. 

That is why ITeam Consulting deploys a frictionless approach to zero trust with Cisco Secure with Duo. This allows our clients to provide their team with network access with several quick, easy authentication options. This way, they can put in place multi-factor authentication (MFA) that frustrates attackers, not users.

With Duo, ITeam Consulting provides cyber security with industry-leading features for secure access, authentication, and device monitoring. 

It enables the use of modern authentication methods including biometrics, passwordless and single sign-on (SSO) to help organisations advance zero trust without sacrificing user experience. 

For zero trust to be truly effective, it must do four things:

  1. Establish trust for users, devices and applications trying to access an environment
  2. Enforce trust-based access based on the principle of least privilege, only granting access to applications and data that users/devices explicitly need
  3. Continuously verify trust to detect any change in risk even after initial access is granted
  4. Respond to changes in trust by investigating and orchestrating response to potential incidents

Your technology provider needs to provide a holistic zero trust solution, if you’re not sure how protected your business is, contact us today for a free cyber security audit.

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