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IT Infrastructure

Computer and IT Infrastructure Solutions

The key to reliable and resilient IT environments is getting the basic infrastructure right. The clear benefits of getting it right are lower frustration and fewer interruptions to IT services that affect staff productivity.

ITeam Consulting are experts in providing information technology infrastructure as a service. Dynamic, reliable, and secure IT service management can help your business gain a competitive edge in the market.

If your business has IT infrastructure that isn’t managed well, your business is at risk of connectivity issues, decreased productivity, cyber security threats, system disruptions and data breaches.

ITeam Consulting can administer all components of IT infrastructure including hardware, software, network resources, cloud computing and related cyber security solutions. Trust ITeam Consulting to deliver reliable service and cost effective solutions including:


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Data Backup and Recovery services

Everyone is familiar with the importance of backing up your data and the consequences if these are found not working when desperately needed. Our Management System not only checks that the backups are successful, but also lets us know when they haven’t run due to some failure that breaks the backup system.
Good backup architecture ensures backups are not just held adjacent to the server. Having backups off-site and validating data with restores is part of the overall recoverability for a business.

We make sure your backups work and can actually be used to recover! Be certain and not just hopeful.

Server and workstation security services

Timeliness of Operating System patching has a big impact in mitigating the risks associated fresh vulnerabilities. Our policy driven system will alert us when a device does not match the policy criteria for either the Operating System patches or Anti-Malware version. It also lets us know when the Anti-Malware system is not running.

We ensure your fleet operating systems are kept up to date and secured with Microsoft’s released patches and they are protected by our managed anti-malware software.

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Workstation build services

Whether it be new systems to be deployed or existing systems needing attention, our fast build or re-build of workstations reduces the costs associated with the implementation of new systems, and remediation or upgrade of the existing fleet.
Standardisation of hardware and Operating System levels in your fleet ensures our standard economical processes can be used to maintain your systems at a lower cost.

We will identify when it is more economical to rebuild rather than troubleshoot peculiar behaviour or infection.

Network Architecture

Having the right architecture for your network provides a baseline you can build or add to without impacting the security for your business. Good structure allows for networks to not only support WANs, VPNs, VLANs and DMZs, but also gives you the ability to manage traffic priority or bandwidth usage for different devices and services. Choosing the best equipment for your environments requirements is also part of the architecture process. Whether that is the Firewall, router, switch, WiFi access points, IP Telephony or Iot devices, we can make this process hassle free for you.

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IP Telephony

IP Telephony continues to advance at a fast pace. Where once this was the domain for Telcos and Resellers, it is now a seamless part of normal network integration that IT Managed Services Providers can deliver. Even more compelling are the advantages your business can enjoy through the additional integration features that IP voice systems bring to your staff. Microsoft Teams is now a fully featured Voice solution right out of the Office 365 stable. You are likely to already have Teams but just not taking advantage of the additional features to connect to the traditional PSTN global phone network. Call us for a free assessment.