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At ITeam Consulting we understand there are many business constraints that impact on what projects can be added to IT roadmaps and when they can be implemented. This is a challenge made more difficult in an ever-changing business environment overlaid with an accelerating IT landscape. The pressure is further increased through disruptive competitive behaviour as well as rogue 3rd party attacks.

What is an IT roadmap?

A visual representation of the IT strategies that will pave the way to help you reach goals across all aspects of your business. IT roadmaps provide insights into a business’s capabilities and restrictions.  IT roadmaps can be made to suit different business needs such as, operations, security and IT projects. 


The two main benefits of IT roadmaps are saving costs and clear business goals.

Save costs and time through finding what investments and processes work best and what are not necessary. The removal of unnecessary items within the business can open more opportunities. 

Crystallise business goals and start tracking the progress the business is making, IT roadmaps will fast track critical decisions. 

ITeam consulting will prioritise projects on the IT roadmaps taking into account the Business Benefit vs Cost vs Business Risk score. Using this three-axis approach provides an invaluable tool allowing the business to understand and rank each project.

Adding the agreed IT project spend YoY together with project durations allows the business to “draw a line” grouping the projects into the agreed budget period.

This process is collaborative and iterative allowing the business to recut the numbers as new information becomes available.

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