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IT Support Case Study – Sharepoint + Office 365 Training

Client : LIW
Industry : Leadership Training
IT Support : Office 365 and Sharepoint Training

microsoft office 365 training

Founded in Sydney, Australia in 1995, LIW has a clear purpose: to democratise leadership. They have always focused on helping clients to distribute leadership. That means sharing a common language to get things done. They have achieved this through leadership consulting and leadership development and in recent years have transformed themselves to harness technology to put leadership tools into the hands of everyone.

» The Problem «

Data was being stored across multiple devices and applications

LIW’s internal servers were aging and didn’t provide the flexibility to match the dynamic growth the business was facing. The location of data was spread across a local server, laptops and Dropbox which was causing headaches, stifling collaboration, complicating version control and compromising security. As an international business, email and document efficiency for staff, consultants and clients outside of the Sydney office was desperately needed to improve productivity and accelerate delivery of services.

office 365 trainers sydney

» The Solution «

Office 365 file management and migration to Sharepoint

LIW approached ITeam Consulting for a complete solution to their communication and file management needs. Following development of a project brief ITeam knew O365 offered the complete solution LIW was seeking. The solution included the migration of email and other on-site Exchange server content to Office 365. Modernisation of the Office application suite as well as the migration of multiple file structures (file server, laptop and Dropbox locations) to SharePoint. To ensure the highest level of security ITeam implemented Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)and self-service password reset to ensure ease of use. As SharePoint is in a public cloud, staff no longer needed to use a VPN to access corporate data, given the implementation of MFA a high level of security was maintained.

sharepoint training sydney

» The Benefits «

Cost improvements and scalability

LIW enjoyed multiple benefits as a result of this project including cost improvements due to changed licensing from an on-prem or capex model to a usage-based subscription model. As the business scaled resources up and down for various projects, they were no longer left holding licenses that were not being used. With Office 365 they were able to increase or decrease licenses as needed. The administration of and costs related to Dropbox were removed.

Collaboration was enhanced by having a single source of truth for documents meaning that staff could rely on access to the latest version. Simultaneously collaborating on large documents with other staff eliminated the previous process of marking up documents and emailing them around the team with a lot of effort to finalise a single document.

International staff were able to access files in SharePoint at much faster speeds than before. Staff travelling was able to seamlessly sync data locally without concern of losing versioning and security of the data. Files were made available to those who needed them, anywhere, anytime on any device.

Multi-factor authentication added significant levels of security to both email and data. This also provided an advantage in compliance requirements with clients and global regional systems. Self-service password reset enables LIW’s international staff to manage their own password recovery regardless of the time of day or support availability.

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Do you need assistance managing your computer files?

ITeam Consulting offers IT solutions designed to give business owners and managers peace of mind, you can ‘sleep easy’ knowing that your IT department is working around the clock, keeping the business infrastructure running. No surprises.

Our corporate IT services include :

IT Project Management
At ITeam, we have delivered many successful projects to our clients for over 19 years. A key difference with us is that the Solutions Architect, that envisions and designs your solution is also involved with the Project Manager to ensure we deliver what was agreed. This ensures total transparency and delivery throughout the process, as opposed to other IT providers who simply make a sale then hand-off to the team that implements it.

Managed IT Services
Managed services, outsourced IT, whatever you want to call it, we package solutions to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Our Managed IT Services either complement your internal specialists or can deliver your total IT Services at a lower cost than if you had your own dedicated IT staff. You will have access to a team of specialists with a broad range of skills and experience, who keep up to date with the latest features and techniques to ensure your systems are providing increased benefit to your staff.

IT Procurement Services
ITeam can manage the full life cycle of your IT assets. Your IT assets are not just the physical devices you can touch, they also include maintenance or service agreements, warranties, domain names, web hosting and many more categories. Don’t ever miss renewing something critical to your business. We track all types of items in our system, get automated reminders for expiry and can report on the status or pending renewals at any time.

IT System and Computer Security
ITeam Consulting implements security solutions to protect your business from threats that are not just from hackers. Breaches to your environment are more likely to occur through users being tricked via email or unknowingly accessing compromised infected websites.

Computer and IT Consultancy
As the size and nature of your business changes, so will the needs of your IT systems. Our Consulting Services will architect solutions whether your systems are on-premise, in a data-centre or in the cloud.

Computer and IT Support
We will deal with your day to day IT support, while also providing long-term strategic input into your IT requirements. We monitor systems remotely to ensure that everything is working correctly and when issues are detected, we make sure they are fixed before they turn into problems.

More information

If you already have comfort with your current IT Services partner, then congratulations! Otherwise, contact us to arrange for a no-obligation review of your environment. We offer 24/7 computer support and after hours emergency assistance.

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