Level Up Your Cyber Security and Protect Against Cyber Attacks


As the threat landscape continues to evolve with new ransomware, file-less malware, and other advanced threats emerging every day, protecting your business against cyber attacks can be hard.

Safeguarding your endpoints becomes even more difficult when your security environment consists of multiple, disparate solutions, making it complex to manage. 

Iteam Consulting deploys Cisco Secure Endpoint to help address these challenges by delivering outcomes that radically simplify your security, maximise your security operations, and help you achieve peace of mind by protecting you from threats. 

How Can Iteam Consulting and Cisco Secure Endpoint Help Your Organisation?

Radically Simplify Your Security

To combat threats targeting endpoints, many organisations have resorted to deploying dozens of different security tools. Rather than improving protection, these point-products lead to highly complex security operations that actually make it harder to detect threats and put additional strain on security and IT teams.

Iteam Consulting believes that simplicity is key to a robust security strategy, which is why we deploy Cisco Secure Endpoint to unify the security stack and consolidate endpoint security, cloud security, and remote access agents into a single agent. 

We also help simplify incident response with easy search capabilities across your endpoints during investigations or threat hunting. Integrated extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities built into Secure Endpoint further streamline response with enriched context, actionable insights, and automated remediation that radically reduce response times.

​​Learn more about how Secure Endpoint helps you simplify your security by watching this video:

Maximise Your Security Operations

One of the biggest threats to your cybersecurity is that many IT and security teams are short on staff, resources, have inefficient processes, and are overwhelmed with a proliferation of security products. We can help you maximise the efficiency of your security operations and allow you to focus on remediating the most important vulnerabilities to your organisation. 

Achieve Peace of Mind

It’s difficult to stop new and advanced threats with an evolving threat landscape that seems to become more dangerous by the day, and ransomware is continuously changing to become more advanced and tougher to detect. 

Ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) kits make it cheaper, easier, and more accessible than ever for even ordinary criminals to target your organisation. 

Moreover, adversaries are turning to fileless malware attacks that fly under the radar and leave little to no traces with ‘living off the land’ techniques that help avoid detection. It becomes even harder to keep up with the threat landscape when you go it alone, relying solely on your security staff to identify, investigate, and respond to these attacks.

With Iteam Consulting and Cisco Secure Endpoint, we can help you to achieve peace of mind and combat these threats with our security expertise, EDR and XDR capabilities, and multi-layered protection. You don’t have to go it alone anymore with our managed service that drastically reduces the time and effort it takes to secure your endpoints.

Consider Iteam Consulting as your elite team of security experts who perform 24 x 7 endpoint monitoring, detection, and response. Our capabilities combined with Cisco Secure Endpoint enable you to secure your endpoints and turbocharge your security operations. 

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