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IT and Systems Security

Protecting your Business and your Brand.

ITeam Consulting implement security solutions to protect your business from threats that are not just from hackers. Breaches to your environment are more likely to occur through users being tricked via email or unknowingly accessing compromised infected websites. In today’s high-risk environment IT Security is as much about protecting your Brand as it is about protecting your Business. Customers, Consumers and Governments are demanding a higher level of focus on the protection of Personal Data with Mandatory Data Breach Reporting becoming central to Australian Privacy laws and compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulation. Significant financial penalties can be imposed for failure to adequately protect data not to mention the ability of social media to ensure all your stakeholders find out  in real time.

Internet Security Services

We recommend firewalls with Unified Threat Management (UTM) capabilities, because today’s threats cannot be blocked by firewall rules alone. UTM’s have threat prevention functions featuring multi-engine sandboxing, anti-malware, intrusion prevention, web filtering, botnet filtering, GEO-IP filtering, they also decrypt and inspect TLS/SSL and SSH traffic, support VLANs, VPNs for remote access, but just don’t make coffee! All of these features are great to have, but even better when configured correctly and monitored. ITeam have Engineers certified with SonicWall and we run SonicWall’s management system for monitoring, alerting and patching the devices so they are best positioned to protect your corporate environment and staff. We design, implement, manage, monitor and report on your Internet usage and traffic characteristics.

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Secure Remote Access Systems

With multi factor authentication, remote access to your systems is secured. You can be assured that only authorised staff with authorised devices are remotely accessing your systems, resources and intellectual property. Secure Remote Access can be provisioned as either a VPN for devices that comply with your policy or to a portal (proxy) so that the PC the user is coming from can be isolated and never connected to the corporate network. The portal is especially useful when you don’t trust the device connecting to it, because even if it does not have the same security controls as corporate PC’s, it can still access defined systems that have been configured on the portal like web services or RDP/RDS hosts.

Anti Spam / Virus / Malware

The systems we use are extremely reliable and effective in what is almost the last line of defence. They are designed so as not to place a burden on system resources of the servers, mail systems or users’ computers and don’t get in the way of users’ computing activities. Our solutions are never single systems. A quality protection level can only be achieved with layered systems. A UTM is one layer, AV at the Server/PC level is another, Anti-everything on your email system is additional protection that helps eliminate risky content getting to the last line of defence – the user!

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Microsoft Office 365 Security

Office 365 is on of many Public Cloud ecosystems. Being a “Public Cloud” means that anyone (the good, the bad and the ugly) can get to the login page and then your security is down to the quality of users’ credentials (login name and password). Do you trust ALL your staff to have a quality approach to password complexity and a non-convention-based change cycle? You shouldn’t. It is increasingly frequent that usernames and passwords are being harvested by tricky Phishing emails. ITeam implements Microsoft’s additional security systems that significantly improve your protection through Multi-factor authentication and Advanced Threat Protection. Other security enhancements to improve the reputation of your outbound email, alerting on mailbox forwarding rules and risky sign-ins should also be configured. Without these implemented correctly your email, SharePoint, Teams and other 365 apps and data cannot be considered secure. Call us if you are concerned about your current level of protection.

User Education

Usually the last line of defence!  Education is key but we also alert users when the incidence of threats are high, so they are more aware of the risky emails they may receive during a zero day exploit. Although you can have all the layers of security configured, users may still receive new types of emailed threats. Security Awareness Training will help educate your staff so that they can quickly differentiate between legitimate and threat-based emails. It only takes one bad email to cause significant productivity loss, costs to remediate and brand reputational damage. User education is a way of protecting your business from the most frequent types of attacks.

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