How To Use Technology To Save Energy and Money

Rising energy prices have a real impact on your businesses’ bottom line. Using technology to improve your energy efficiency can deliver significant benefits for your business, not only in terms of saving money but it can also improve the productivity and efficiency of your organisation. 

Switch Off
Prevent your computers, monitors, laptops and printers from drawing power when they’re not being used by turning them off at the powerpoint at the end of the working day.

Using a smart power board, multiple devices can be switched on and off using one switch. If the switch is in a hard to reach location, make it easier for yourself or your team to switch off by using a remote control, eco-switch, timer, or a foot switch.

Whether you’re a single-person operation, or a business with an extensive IT set-up, switching off your gear is an easy way to save money. 

Manage Your Monitors
Contrary to popular belief, screensavers do not save energy and might prevent your computer from entering sleep mode. Save energy and money by disabling screensavers on your computers. Instead, set your computer to turn the display off automatically after a nominated period of inactivity.

When it comes to upgrading your monitors, it’s worth remembering that energy efficient LED and LCD monitors can use up to 50% less energy than a CRT monitor. Lowering the brightness on an LCD monitor can reduce energy usage from 34W to 20W. Over the course of a year, this saving will add up, regardless of what type of monitor you use. 

Check the energy-rating label on the device to assess the potential running costs. You can also compare monitor energy use at

If you’re buying new machines or your lease is up for review, use this as an opportunity to choose energy saving equipment. Our Virtual CIO Services can help you to develop an IT Strategy that meets your budget and requirements while factoring in energy efficiency.

Hybrid Work Environment
Staggered shifts or more permanent work from home arrangements could help reduce the average energy consumption in your office or workplace. A hybrid work environment supports a blend of in-office and remote workers who may work at all levels in the organisation.

Hybrid work is flexible and can enhance inclusivity, varying locations and time zones which increases business agility. Companies that maintain a hybrid workforce benefit from a work environment where every person can participate fully and be seen and heard equally, enhanced by the technology they implement and the corporate culture they foster.

The success of the new hybrid work environment is dependent on reliable and secure connectivity. This helps ensure all team members can work and collaborate with confidence anywhere they choose to work and allows your business to easily maintain network connectivity and apply its security policies consistently across all workspaces.

ITeam Consulting can help your business to apply this model of work securely by:

  • Provisioning users and devices at scale and with ease
  • Providing security and troubleshooting issues for end-users, devices, and applications, 
  • Collaborating to design a solution that provides easy management from
  • In a large organisation that adopts a hybrid work model, an approach known as full-stack observability can be useful for optimising user experiences and enhancing enterprise technology management.

Want to know more about how ITeam Consulting can save your business money, energy, and also improve efficiency? Let’s talk.

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