How To Protect Your Business from Cyber Attack in 2023

In the event of a cyber attack, your business may lose access to critical business systems and suffer financial loss, possible legal liability, and reputational damage.

Last financial year saw a 13 per cent increase in reported incidents of cybercrime according to Australia’s Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), with one report being filed every seven minutes – up from eight minutes the previous year. To combat these alarming developments and protect our digital-dependent economy, implementation of essential eight cyber security strategies must be prioritised for all Australian business owners.

How do you know if your systems are protected?

To assist with protecting your business from malicious cyber attacks that may disrupt your services or compromise business-critical systems, the ACSC recommends a prioritised list of strategies to mitigate cyber security incidents called the Essential Eight.

ITeam Consulting has prepared the below checklist that considers the Essential Eight and our recommended Cisco Secure solutions to provide a baseline for protecting your business from cyber risks.

Click to download your FREE checklist to protect your aged care business from cyber attacks.

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