Cyber Security Awareness Training to Empower Your Employees

Cyber Security Awareness Training

The current surge of cyber security attacks, scams, and breaches is unsettling for businesses and individuals. We have our best technology and the brightest people on the job with increased monitoring and security.  In addition to the core services ITeam Consulting provides, we also deliver security awareness training (SAT) to upskill your team and empower them to take steps internally to enhance cyber security.

ITeam Consulting can provide security awareness training to your team for less than the price of a cup of coffee per person per week. 

Your employees are your first line of cyber security defence. Security awareness training ensures your employees are educated on simple but incredibly effective security practices such as:

  • Baseline Testing: to assess the Phish-Prone percentage of your users through a simulated phishing attack.
  • Train your users: via a library of security awareness content that includes interactive modules, videos, games, posters and newsletters. The training is delivered in automated campaigns with scheduled reminder emails.
  • Phish your users: apply fully automated simulated phishing attacks with thousands of templates and unlimited usage.
  • See the results: with easy to understand staff performance reporting, showing stats and graphs ready for management review and future training opportunities.

Contact us today to schedule your team training if you want to empower your employees to be cyber-safe.

In addition to training, below are some simple steps you can take today to help keep your business and personal data secure:

Be wary of unexpected emails, phone calls or messages that ask you to take action
Use caution when receiving these when you aren’t expecting to hear from the reputable organisation the caller/emailer claims to be from. Consider what they’re asking for and the legitimacy of the request. Never give out your personal or security details (such as your account or credit card details, passwords, or security codes).

Be on the lookout for scams
Learn to spot scams and what you can do to avoid becoming a target (such as keeping your data secure). Types of scams can vary. Some more prolific scams currently in operation include:

  • Business email compromise scams: when a business receives an illegitimate email from a supplier requesting an urgent payment.
  • Remote access scams: when someone requests you to download software that shares remote access to your device.
  • Ransomware: a type of malware that infects your system and sends you messages demanding payment to restore access to your files.
  • Threat and penalty scams: are when scammers threaten you with harm, arrest, or other demands in an attempt to force you into handing over money.

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